Shannon Kearns


I have been working with David for a little over a year now, having started with him when I was six months’ post-partum.  When we first began working together I was struggling with losing weight gained during pregnancy, and was anxious to get back to my pre-baby size and activity level. Prior to pregnancy, I was very active with running and working out, and when we first started I was feeling really discouraged and frustrated that my body was not bouncing back after this pregnancy the way that I had hoped for.

David was very receptive this, and really stressed the importance of body composition and how I was feeling, rather than focusing on the numbers on the scale. I was really impressed when he took the time to research both pregnancy and breastfeeding and the effects they have on weight loss and body recovery which really helped me recognize how amazing the body is, and gave me the space to relax and enjoy my post-baby body. He designed my workouts to increase strength and mobility. We focused on my nutrition in a supportive non-judgmental way. I was able to really feel and see myself becoming stronger, and my endurance and energy levels increased as well. We frequently touch base and adjust my workouts to fit both my family life/school schedule, and my personal fitness goals.

I now feel stronger and healthier than I ever have.  David taught me that being healthy and fit is not a quick fix, but a journey. Progression over time is what is most beneficial and sustainable. I feel grateful to be able to work with David, and am excited to see where my fitness journey takes me.

Celeste Richardson


Just after turning 37 I was told that I could no longer play soccer due to cartilage issue unless I had surgery to correct it.  I decided I would not do the surgery since it did not affect my normal day to day and only became a painful problem when I played soccer.  After a couple years of being depressed about not be able to play the sport I loved, gaining nearly twenty pounds and trying a few things on my own, I decided it was time to do something different.  I joined a small gym in Portland where each class was instructed by a coach and this is where I met David.  Immediately I could tell David was someone with a strong foundation of health and wellness, so I started discussing with him my desire to take better care of myself.  He instantly was willing to help me work towards my goals.  He broke down nutrition in a way that I had never looked at it before.  He took time out of his day to reach out to me to make sure I was staying on track and really taught me something new each time we talked.  During our communication I began traveling for work and with his help I learned how to apply to tools he had taught me to life on the road.  This was huge! I am now the healthiest I have ever been and owe so much of it to David and his eagerness to help me achieve my goals through his own passion for optimal health and fitness.  To be a great teacher you have to live what you are teaching and David definitely does that. 

Halvor Tweto


I’ve been working with David for six months, mostly remotely, and in that time I’ve noticed a big shift in my own fitness experience. My exercise goals have more to do with maintaining a functional level of fitness that allows me to boat, bike, ski, hike, and keep up with my children; at the same time, various injuries, maladies, and bad habits seem to work against me. David approaches training with a pretty profound understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics (though he’s also quick to recommend other professionals for specific issues), and this opened up new possibilities for me. The workouts David sends are designed to help me meet my goals of functional fitness without incurring injuries that will keep me from my passions. When injuries do occur, the exercise regimen shifts to support the affected area. All of this happens fluidly in spite of the distance (we’re on opposite coasts) and my own reluctance to load up on equipment.

On a professional level, David is a breeze to work with. Communications are always prompt, whether by text, through an exercise program, or a video conference or phone call. David listened intently and obviously sought to understand where I was coming from and where I wanted to go in terms of fitness. The rapport has been easy and productive. I know that if I want to double down on my workouts or shift them to support a new passion, David will have a redirection ready in no time.

Michael Netsch


Working with David to achieve my fitness goals was fantastic. David takes the time to listen to your goals and provides a good plan to reach those goals.

Michaela Prehm


David helped me getting back into my sporting routine after an international move from Germany to the US.

A while into the training with him I signed up for the Portland Bridgeswim which is a long distance open water race. I completed my four miles leg achieving a new personal best.

I feel that the core and strength training with David in combination with my workouts in the pool were key to this.

David always listened to what I had to say and even requested feedback after workouts. He did follow up on feedback by phone or email which I feel shows that he is going the extra mile for his customers.

Cody Farnes


I've been training in different capacities for the last 7 years including some college baseball and competitive powerlifting. Before I started working with David I had lost some motivation and excitement to get in the gym. My preferred sports now are mountain biking and rock climbing, but weather in Oregon limits the available time to enjoy them. Since training with David, I've gained a more balanced fitness level and felt improved performance on the rock or the trails. I'm also much more aware of how my breathing, hydration, sleep quality, and nutrition effect my athletic performance. Communication is always direct and helpful, and I can be confident that each piece of the programming is intentional and beneficial.

Constance Nekyludov


My time working with David has greatly impacted my progress and goals. I continue to grow and can honestly say I don't intend to ever stop having him as my guide.

I consider myself lucky when David joined our gym in Portland and became a coworker of mine. I was sort of lost and stuck with training practices for myself and needed help. Specifically with Olympic Weightlifting technique and overall program execution to become the best overall Crossfit athlete I can be.

After getting to know David and observing how he trains himself and his clients, I decided to approach him and ask for his help. David not only has made me a better athlete physically, but also mentally. He's helped me instill better self awareness and coaching practices. David's knowledge in the field of fitness pours out as a result of his passion and i get to absorb it! I am very grateful as  quality and sincerity is hard to come by.  

David currently coaches me remotely as a result of his move to Vermont and makes it work. He is extremely attentive, personable and motivating. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. I've learned so much and continue to grow as a trainer for myself and my clients as well. David will always be a friend and mentor.

Arno Bergstrom


I wanted to personally thank you for your coaching and guidance that has helped me live life to the fullest. After getting into a difficult rut 7 years ago of how I was prioritizing my life you were the one assisting me on my journey. It’s hard to admit that I had gone from being a Division 1 athlete to someone eating fast food with poor sleep habits but we all have a journey and story. 

Life is all about choices and your understanding of that journey was critical to my success then and now. Working with you as a strength coach changed the way I view strength, conditioning, and overall movement to lead a happier more successful life. When I would go overboard on wanting to do a specific movement over and over you reminded me that we need to train to compete, not compete to train. Your guidance has allowed me to train more consistently and harder than I ever have. Over the past 5 years of working with you I can honestly say that I’m now stronger and healthier than ever.

Your guidance and mentorship in fitness has made me a better husband, father and over all person which I truly believe has allowed professional success. Beyond fitness, your passion and approach to a healthier life guided me to better nutritional decisions as well as those around me because of the results WE produced.  Thank you for helping me become who I am today, I'm glad I chose you!

Beastmode always!

Tim O'Neill


I first met Dave at my local gym in Portland Oregon.  I had been going to the same gym for twenty years, and smugly thought that I knew my way around exercising pretty well.  I talked to Dave a few times, and realized that he had a different way of looking at fitness than I had experienced.  Working with a personal trainer was something that I had sworn off after suffering an injury while working with a more “motivational” type trainer (read counting your reps really loudly and exhorting “one more”).  I have mild arthritis and scoliosis and it seems that I was exacerbating my symptoms with too many repetitions and by limiting the types of motion I would allow myself.  Dave has tailored a regimen for me that is constantly adjusted based on my most recent feedback.  Sadly, Dave moved away from the great state of Oregon, but I am still able to train with him via Fitbot and phone/skype calls.   The cost of the supervision and exercised programing is about the same as two or three personal training sessions at the local gym, but I get thirty as many workouts tailored as I have time to do, and I get the knowledge and experience of an elite athlete who has experienced recovery from a serious back injury.  Dave is smart, caring, knowledgeable, reliable, and funny.  I couldn’t give anyone a better recommendation.

Ryan Haas


David is an excellent coach who helped me achieve my goal of living a healthier lifestyle. After I turned 30, I noticed I was starting to put on a little weight and occasionally would have minor back and joint pain. David helped me develop my athletic ability, and over three years of following his programming I was able to greatly increase my flexibility, completely eliminate pain, and put on 30 pounds of lean muscle. As a coach, David cares deeply about quality of movement, health and helping you achieve your athletic goals through knowledgeable programming. I would highly recommend him as a trainer to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

Kathleen Bot


I have worked with several personal trainers in the past, and David is definitely one of the best in his field. Since working with David, he has provided me with a new understanding of health and fitness, in addition to helping me stay focused on achieving my goals. Most importantly, David creates a custom program that is right for the individual. He is an excellent communicator and brings with him an in depth understanding of how the body works and what you need to do to achieve your goals. He definitely practices what he preaches, which makes him an inspiration for anyone that is looking to achieve optimal health. I feel so fortunate to have found David, he has helped me overcome obstacles that I have faced for decades. If you are looking for a highly competent trainer/coach that will help you achieve your goals, there is no one better than David to take that journey with you.

Casey Cox


It's quite easy to join a gym.  Pay the money, jump on the elliptical for an hour, and feel good about yourself.  The problem that I kept running into was that my "hard work" wasn't translating into the mental and physical well-being that I was hoping for.  David and AJ take an amazingly holistic approach to fitness.  Peak Potential Fitness has supported me to put intention behind my diet, physical activity, and recovery.  Their approach allowed me to receive the guidance of a well-respected fitness authority while supporting me to develop the sense of ownership needed to see substantial mental and physical results.  Walking into a traditional gym setting can be discouraging due to a lack of direction, and walking into a "CrossFit" type setting can be intimidating.  From my first day at Peak Potential Fitness, I felt that the staff truly cared about me as well as my goals while encouraging a sense of motivation and inner-drive that I hadn't felt in a gym setting before.  In leaving to relocate to Wisconsin, I felt myself changing my attitude from asking, "how much is a membership?" to, "what is the true price of physical and mental well-being?"  David absolutely delivered on his company's mission, vision, and values for how he works with clients!

We would love to see you in the gym!