Personalized Fitness

Personal Training...Evolved

Achieve Long Term Results With Your Personalized Fitness Program

Looking for a way to strengthen and revive a worn down body? Chasing higher levels of performance in your sport? Connecting with your body again after having kids? Peak Potential Fitness is here to design the road map for all of these goals with an Individually Designed Fitness Program made just for YOU!

We are bridging the gap between the commercial gym, group exercise, and personal training. Wandering the sea of machines trying to decide which one to use next, joining a group class where one size does not fit all, and spreading your personal training sessions out due to the cost of more sessions. These are pitfalls we are here to solve!


One-on-one consultation to learn about your background, goals, and highest values

We want to understand your lifestyle, nutrition, sleep and stress habits because they lay the foundation for all fitness progress. 

We will cover any past injuries or current limitations.

We will share expectations for you and for your coach. 

All your questions will be answered – we are here to support you.


One-on-one session with your coach to learn about your unique movement patterns, your strengths, and your current limitations.

This is a highly educational and beneficial part of the process,

You and your coach will enjoy getting to know each other to best work together moving forward.

We will gather all the data that goes into creating a fully customized program just for you.


Your coach will deliver your fitness program weekly with a web based program called Fitbot. 

Fitbot will have everything you need to know so that you know exactly what you're doing before you walk into the gym.

Your coach will review your weekly results and adjust your program accordingly – your program evolves with you.

You will have access to our gym to work out on your schedule.

A coach will always be on the gym floor to answer your questions and support you.

Ongoing monthly consultations with your coach will cover progress, assess goals, and discuss ongoing expectations.

What does Personalized Fitness mean for you?

Create a sustainable fitness practice that works along side your schedule and goals.

Reach your goals faster with a targeted program and the accountability of a caring coach.

Create lasting change with lifestyle and nutritional support.

Workout on a flexible schedule, there are no class or appointment times.

Peak Potential Fitness is here to provide Burlington THE evolution of personal training. 


Get Started Today With Your Personalized Fitness Program

We will work together to design your own unique program. Programs depend on your abilities, lifestyle, and personal preferences. We can design a wide range of plans depending on your needs–from the individual that wants to workout for 1 hour, 2-3 days per week, to the athlete that wants to train hard, 6 days per week.

If you have any questions about the process or would like to get started today, please click below to schedule your free initial consultation. 

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